One of my favorite families

I truly feel so lucky to be one of the people who gets to snuggle this little baby on a weekly basis. It’s crazy how much we love this little dude! His parents are also two of the best/funniest people out there. Even their dog is super cool. It was so much fun to come spend a Saturday morning at their house and capture all their sweetness.


Wednesday wig day

I WISH this were actually a thing. Perhaps I should start a trend. You know throw back Thursday, Wednesday wig day, sounds good. : ) There is nothing more hilarious to me than a child in a wig. It’s so wrong it right. Some of my favorite pictures of my own children are from a birthday party where they got to wear wigs and act silly. So this next series of images will hopefully bring a smile to your face. We were at the end of our shoot, and mind you, I’m friends with these people and we had other friends there too, so when wigs were mentioned we all said yes. I mean really, was it really a question? The answer is always yes when wigs are offered.

I’ll give you two chances to guess how old she is.

I will be so sad if this is not their Christmas card.

Issaquah Newborn Session

Fly me to the moon

It has been too long since I have see the ground from the air. I can remember a time when Angie and I were shooting destination weddings and experiencing flight on a regular basis; soaking in culture and bad coffee like a sponges. Babies, family life, and my ever thinning wallet seem to be hindering my ability to be in the sky quite a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade all the flights in the world for my husband, children, and life here in Bellingham. I just simply miss it. There is something so incredibly special about seeing our world from the air. If you have a staring problem like me, seeing anything from a different vantage point is life giving. So when my client suggested picking me up at the Bellingham airport and flying me to Roche Harbor for family portraits, I was thrilled, and dare I say it, squealed. It was as if he had offered to fly me to the moon. Clearly I need to get out more. Flying in a smaller plane is a joy I hope everyone gets to experience at some point in their life. After a quick run-down of how to pull the parachute if we were to get in trouble, we took off. The view of the islands from the air was stunning, and I’m not sure I was even forming coherent sentences because I was so awe struck. Our  shoot was equally fun for me as we padded around the harbor capturing giggles, spins, and little boy airplanes. I know I say this a lot, but I truly do have the kindest, most loving and wonderful clients around. I hope they enjoy these photos as much as I did capturing them.


Last month I decided to stop pouting over 120 neopan 400 being discontinued and did a round of film testing. My deep hope was to find something that would fill that perfect B&W film shaped hole in my heart. It looks like candy in case you were wondering. I used my favorite subjects on the planet and we set out having fun around the neighborhood and our home. The scans came back but I still need my actual negatives to look at and see which films I loved.  I’m sorry to torture you, but the results will not be posted today, however I have to share a few of my favorite images because film… sigh…. is just so darn magical. I think I will dedicate some film to my kids on a regular basis because these are treasures. Film is just different, and when I shoot with my contax 645 I feel a flutter in my heart, and a deep sense of home in my soul singing boldly without apology. It is the medium I feel most confident and true in. I’m so glad I decided to stop moping and get on with it.

No joke, she found a container of bubbles in the alleyway. My tired brain couldn’t have planned this if it had tried.

As soon as I get my negs back I’ll label the images with what they were, and obviously voice my opinion on the “winner”. : )

I’m also doing my best to not regret having “styled” their clothing for the shoot. Football pants would not have been my first choice. Oh well. In the end, my kids dress themselves and I love the pride they feel in doing it. It’s real and it’s good. See, I’m already over it.

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