Discovery Park Portraits {Seattle}

There’s not much sweeter than photographing a family that adores each other so clearly.  Loved every moment.


Feeling a bit overwhelmed and behind on life today, so the obvious thing to do was post these almost year old photos of my kids.  There are a few more sessions in the series that may end up being blogged too . . .  So much more fun than things that actually need doing!!

This was a homeschool project we did last year to photo illustrate fairy tales that the girls wrote.  My intern, the amazing Talia Lamb, added their drawings to some of the images, and I couldn’t love them more.  It captures their exact kind of play, and their imaginations from that season so well.


One of my favorite families

I truly feel so lucky to be one of the people who gets to snuggle this little baby on a weekly basis. It’s crazy how much we love this little dude! His parents are also two of the best/funniest people out there. Even their dog is super cool. It was so much fun to come spend a Saturday morning at their house and capture all their sweetness.


Wednesday wig day

I WISH this were actually a thing. Perhaps I should start a trend. You know throw back Thursday, Wednesday wig day, sounds good. : ) There is nothing more hilarious to me than a child in a wig. It’s so wrong it right. Some of my favorite pictures of my own children are from a birthday party where they got to wear wigs and act silly. So this next series of images will hopefully bring a smile to your face. We were at the end of our shoot, and mind you, I’m friends with these people and we had other friends there too, so when wigs were mentioned we all said yes. I mean really, was it really a question? The answer is always yes when wigs are offered.

I’ll give you two chances to guess how old she is.

I will be so sad if this is not their Christmas card.

Issaquah Newborn Session

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