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Beautiful Couple

When Angie and I first captured Charlotte and Patrick as their photographers for their wedding many years ago, our hearts skipped a beat because Charlotte and Patrick are amazing people. They just have this warmth and kindness that envelops you in their presence. Their wedding was stunning at Cave B winery and everything they did […]

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Happy Thursday

I just found this image in my archives and it made me smile. Hope it brightens your day too. : )

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Vodka. It’s not just for drinking.

I haven’t posted in months and months because I have just been slammed with work and with trying to keep my daughter healthy. I feel like this post is almost like a public service announcement, and therefor I can justify a blog post in the midst of my crazy. A few months ago my friend […]

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50 years of Marriage!

On March 17th 1962 Tim and Ladrene Coyne were married and 50 years flew by! These two are still happy as ever and are such an incredible example to us all. What a beautiful way to spend my evening. (I’m so lucky I married into this family)

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My kids are growing up… and it keeps getting better

My small family consists of myself, my husband, my daughter and my son. We never thought we would have more than one child given our fertility issues, but two years 9 months ago we got quite the shock when we found out we were pregnant with our Son. Tomorrow he turns two, and it has […]

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