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Baby Baby

Just a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of throwing my dear friend Wendy a baby shower for her IDENTICAL TWIN GIRLS! How amazing it that! Wendy is super stylish and happy go lucky so I wanted to create a shower that reflected her personality. I had so much fun planning the decor, and as […]

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Paper Flowers

Almost every day we read a book called “Rose’s Garden.” It’s about travel, and stories, and gardens and my girls request it daily.  In the story, children bring paper flowers to Rose while she is waiting for her seeds to grow.  We started planting our own garden last week and my little friends thought we […]

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Puppet theater and the hope for spring!

This week has just been about as crazy as they come weather wise. Snow, snow, snow! While I do love snow, I’m ready for the spring sunshine! Since we have been cooped up I’ve been crafting up some fun indoor stuff for us to do. Plus Finn turns 1 this week and I wanted to […]

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Using what you have…

This Christmas like so many Families our budget is tight. I love to decorate my home at Christmas time but this year our finances really didn’t allow for it. So I started looking around and thought “what do I have?”. The answer is lots of stuff, and lots of stuff that gets recycled. I got […]

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