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When you are 8

When you are 8 years old by Lilly DeLatour When you are 8 years old the world is always an adventure. Your favorite thing to do is climb, hike and find cute animals. (Oh did I mention I love cute animals) When you are 8 years old the world is hard for you. You feel […]

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The Space Between

Most of my days are spent editing. Editing photos, stories, my family and myself. I prune, correct, beautify, smooth, twist, rearrange, and bend so that I can see the light just the way it is in my mind. Redemption pulses wild within me, so much so that I often forget to see this moment, unaltered, […]

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The fantastic flying books….

Entering in she asked “Oh, did you make those after reading The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore?” I half calked my head confused as to what she was talking about. I explained that I decided to fold books after admiring an Anthropologie in-store display, and then I asked to hear more about this […]

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it’s getting easier

  “Lilly put down that dead fish! No-SERIOUSLY put the dead fish down!” “Finny- you are way too far out in the water. Come closer. Can you hear me?! TOO DEEP!” They both look at me, half smirks- tempting my seriousness even though I feel I’ve been pretty clear. I stand and go to them, […]

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My baby is 7

Lilly my darling, you are a delight and I adore every inch and piece of you. Thank you for being my daughter. Teeth are falling out monthly and you grow taller every day. So much of you is changing and yet, the core of you isn’t. You still enjoy being silly and fun. You are […]

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