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We decided to start a new family tradition this year of lighting off paper lanterns the night before the first day of school to bless the new year and bring intention to some areas where we would all like to grow. We began to brainstorm words last week and the kids settled on these: kindness, […]

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Feeling a bit overwhelmed and behind on life today, so the obvious thing to do was post these almost year old photos of my kids.  There are a few more sessions in the series that may end up being blogged too . . .  So much more fun than things that actually need doing!! This […]

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Last month I decided to stop pouting over 120 neopan 400 being discontinued and did a round of film testing. My deep hope was to find something that would fill that perfect B&W film shaped hole in my heart. It looks like candy in case you were wondering. I used my favorite subjects on the […]

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once in a lifetime

For those of you who don’t know, I love my Grandma. I mean, I REALLY love my Grandma. She is funny, smart as a whip, thoughtful, considerate, hospitable, loving, and a woman whom I hope to be like someday. She and I used to play cards together on a weekly basis when I lived in […]

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Wednesday Moments: read alouds

It’s one of my favorite things . . . lingering over tea with my girls while we read through our work.  Not every homeschool moment looks like this. (ha!)  But a few of them do, and I’m so grateful.  

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