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Sunsets at Spencer Island

My friend Bridget showed me Spencer Island for the very first time this summer, and it’s now topping the list of fantastic places to let the kids run free.  So satisfying that her family is the first I get to photograph here, and sunset sessions are my favorite.  

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Fly me to the moon

It has been too long since I have see the ground from the air. I can remember a time when Angie and I were shooting destination weddings and experiencing flight on a regular basis; soaking in culture and bad coffee like a sponges. Babies, family life, and my ever thinning wallet seem to be hindering […]

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Lucky Day

It’s pretty much everyone’s lucky day.  Ashley has offered several of her gorgeous encaustic images for sale.  She’s put together three central collections, and I love each one.  The price point is also amazing:  4×4 pieces are $25 each and the 4×6 pieces are $30 each.  Perfect gifts!  I love the idea of these small […]

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My big girl Bean loves kitchen helping.  She’s been begging to make lunch all on her own, and a couple of weeks ago, I gave her the chance.  She scoots that chair all over the kitchen to reach the peanut butter, and the apples.  I took these that day while she wasn’t paying attention.  My […]

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Weekend project . . . fall leaves and beeswax

My girls have been loving the gorgeous leaves, and collect them at every opportunity.  This batch is from my Grandma’s house, and we thought it would be fun to preserve them and mail them on down to our autumn deprived family in California.  There are photos of beeswax dipped leaves floating around on pinterest that […]

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