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Wednesday Moment: first kiss

Lilly had a fantastic field trip to Remlinger farms this week. We sang songs, fed animals, picked out pumpkins, jumped in hay, laughed at some bees and rode a train. As if that wasn’t enough fun we decided to stay and have lunch in the cafe with Lilly’s friend Miles. After a yummy meal we […]

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Wednesday Moment: silence

You leave the room for five minutes . . . then rush back in when you realize you’ve heard . . . nothing.  

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When life gives you rain… take photos & make cookies

Yesterday I photographed Lily and Michelle at discovery park. I consider them both friends and it’s always a treat to work for people you both know well and love! We were so excited and had tons of ideas, but then the rain came. We kept shooting anyway (gotta love clear bubble umbrellas), and then the […]

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The Little House mania continues . . .

At this point, our obsession with the Little House books is well documented.  Earlier this summer, we packed up a couple of friends and spent the day at the Pioneer Village in Eatonville.  It’s a full hour and a half drive south of Seattle, but such fun.  Milking cows, jumping in haystacks, horseback rides, schoolhouse […]

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Heart melt:

This little one melts my heart . . .  not sure if it’s her full head of hair, her sweet baby yawns, or how much I already love her family.  xoxo      

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