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Last month I decided to stop pouting over 120 neopan 400 being discontinued and did a round of film testing. My deep hope was to find something that would fill that perfect B&W film shaped hole in my heart. It looks like candy in case you were wondering. I used my favorite subjects on the […]

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Lucky Day

It’s pretty much everyone’s lucky day.  Ashley has offered several of her gorgeous encaustic images for sale.  She’s put together three central collections, and I love each one.  The price point is also amazing:  4×4 pieces are $25 each and the 4×6 pieces are $30 each.  Perfect gifts!  I love the idea of these small […]

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Wednesday Moment: July at the beach

The title isn’t a typo . . . we need sweaters and rain boots for July beach exploring here in the Pacific Northwest.      

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Wednesday Moment . . .

I’ve mentioned it before, but I do love keeping a plastic camera filled with film on hand for little everyday moments.  The imperfect pictures come out looking like a memory feels, and the distance between capture and viewing is long enough to make each roll a sweet surprise.   This was a few months ago, […]

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Old Film

I always keep my Diana loaded, and often toss it in my purse . . . but am not so good about remembering to get personal rolls developed.  When I finally do, it’s such fun to remember old adventures.  I can’t wait to stash a bunch of rolls this summer, and relive the magic in […]

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