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A few friends have been asking about the smoothies I mentioned here, so this is just a little extra post with a few of my favorite recipes.  If you have a genius smoothie or two of your own, let me know in the comments, I’d love to try it!   (The smoothie above is banana, […]

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We drink breakfast smoothies almost every morning these days, and freeze the leftovers into popsicles.  This morning Eva suggested I freeze my leftover coffee so that I could have an afternoon treat too.  Best idea EVER.  Tossed into a glass of almond milk, this made my whole afternoon.  My daughter is a genius.     […]

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maternity leave lifesavers

I’m currently having the best maternity leave ever.  It’s been cozy and dreamy and full of snuggles with this guy:     The list below?  These are a things that are making life so much easier, and letting me spend more time doing what I really want to do:  snuggle my baby.  If you read […]

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Wednesday Moment: Harvest

From my little one’s corner of the garden:     She planted the seeds and picked them herself.  She doesn’t want to share the carrots . . . but said I could have her beets.      

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Wednesday Moments: Freezer Jam

My mom used to make the most amazing rasberry jam when I was little.  She would hide it in the fridge to keep us from devouring it on sight.  Last year I made some myself and it was so easy and delicious that I had to share.  We just picked some of the first ripe […]

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