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Wednesday Moment: Photobomber

This was my baby’s six month photo shoot. ┬áHe has a super fan, and she just can’t stay away.   Honestly, the three year old was driving. me. crazy. throughout this shoot . . . but I already know these are the shots I’ll love forever.

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Photographing your child monthly for the first year:

It seems like the first year of a child’s life happens in an blurry flash of an instant. So much happens in 12 months it’s hard to even wrap you mind around how much they change. Finn is my last baby and I find my self savoring his every move. With both Lilly and Finn […]

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My top two photo suggestions for moms . . .

#1. Keep a camera in sight. Life gets busy and it’s hard to remember to take out the camera, but so often my favorite memories are the day to day ones. The “unremarkable” moments are the sweetest and if I SEE my camera, I’m more likely to pick it up. I often keep mine on […]

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