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Zoë still speaks fondly of the cat she ate at Grandma Debbie’s house.

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My mom loves a good project and my husband loves a good Cranberry Bliss Bar.  That’s pretty much how these were born.  I was hugely pregnant with Eva and sat around in my Grandmother’s kitchen tasting batch after batch until this recipe was declared the winner.  There are a few more recipes for these floating […]

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Funny how such a tiny person is the most enormous blessing.

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Iron on

I feel a little shy and silly posting something this basic . . . but I made so many mistakes the first time I tried these.  I also received a couple of phone calls that might mean I’m not the only one.  So here it is – my “don’t do what I did” iron on […]

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Using what you have…

This Christmas like so many Families our budget is tight. I love to decorate my home at Christmas time but this year our finances really didn’t allow for it. So I started looking around and thought “what do I have?”. The answer is lots of stuff, and lots of stuff that gets recycled. I got […]

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