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It’s a . . . .

girl.  A lucky one.

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Fabric flowers for the weekend . . .

We can never have enough hair accessories in this house.  I especially love fabric flowers to use up scrap fabric and earrings that have lost their mates.  These are SO easy and can be done with a glue gun or needle and thread. Easy to do – tough to explain.  Just watch the tutorial HERE. […]

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On the way . . .

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R is for Run.

You know those people who discover something that everyone else has known about for years and then go on and on about it like they’ve discovered the holy grail?  So annoying . . . and I think I’m one of them. . . . it’s running.  Almost exactly a year ago my friend Sarah talked […]

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Q is for Queen

Last fall Eva was asking about the differences between princesses and queens.  I was trying to explain, when Zoë, with a look of total comprehension, said, “The queen is the boss?  I’m not a princess.  I am a QUEEN.” She was just barely two at the time . . . the conversation haunts me still. […]

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