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Years and years ago my great aunt asked my mother if she’d be interested in inheriting a button collection.  Of course my mother said yes, and I’m pretty sure she envisioned a jar or two full of buttons.  The collection turned out to be a *tad* more extensive than she’d thought . . . . […]

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Wednesday Moments: Freezer Jam

My mom used to make the most amazing rasberry jam when I was little.  She would hide it in the fridge to keep us from devouring it on sight.  Last year I made some myself and it was so easy and delicious that I had to share.  We just picked some of the first ripe […]

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Woodinville Lavender

Sarah, Joel and Olivia are not only my friends, but lucky for me, are my clients too. Angie and I have to fight over who gets to shoot them. I won this time. : ) In another time and space long long ago, I met a girl named Brooke. I was her young life leader […]

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Raspberry Picking

Just last Tuesday Angie, her Mom and Dad, two sisters and both her girls joined Lilly, Finn and myself at the Bolles Organic farm for some strawberry and raspberry picking. Raspberry picking wasn’t officially open yet but the owner of the farm was nice enough to let us give it a go, and boy did […]

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Weekly Read: Old Books

I’m not recommending any one specific title today, just sharing my general love of old books.  We’re constantly discovering stories this way, and I love introducing the girls to history through older books too.  Besides that – the illustrations are amazing.  I might collect children’s books even if I had no children.  Knowing that other […]

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