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Happy Thursday

I just found this image in my archives and it made me smile. Hope it brightens your day too. : )

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Growing . . .

One of those families that just lights up when they look at each other.  love.  

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Vodka. It’s not just for drinking.

I haven’t posted in months and months because I have just been slammed with work and with trying to keep my daughter healthy. I feel like this post is almost like a public service announcement, and therefor I can justify a blog post in the midst of my crazy. A few months ago my friend […]

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A few friends have been asking about the smoothies I mentioned here, so this is just a little extra post with a few of my favorite recipes.  If you have a genius smoothie or two of your own, let me know in the comments, I’d love to try it!   (The smoothie above is banana, […]

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Wednesday Moments

Favorite quote from her big sister:  “Sometimes she makes me so mad I could spit!  But mostly . . .  I just feel sorry for everyone who doesn’t have her in their family.”   Yep.    

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