Monday was a day I was dreading. I normally LOVE Halloween. I always have. It goes down as my most favorite holidays because I smile so much from looking at kids in costumes. I was feeling anxious because Lilly was going to see a specialist at NW Asthma and Allergy to try and figure out what the heck is going on with my poor sweet bean. I wasn’t anxious about a diagnosis, I had prepared myself mentally for anything. I was anxious about how Lilly would handle the testing. Like any parent I HATE seeing my child in pain. This being our first appointment, I had no idea what to expect. They said testing could take up to two hours. We woke up and the sun was shining. We really didn’t have anything to do so we did a little trick or treating in juanita village.

My cheeks hurt from smiling so hard. The kids were beyond thrilled, and the looks on people’s faces when looking at my kids were priceless. We also swung by Walgreens to get lilly a special treat in case they needed to draw blood. She picked out a big marshmallow hello kitty sucker. We then went home, ate lunch, and I packed my purse full of toys, and animal friends. Finn stayed home with our babysitter Meg, and Lilly and I dashed off into the unknown. The visit was so much better than I had prepared myself for. The nurse and the Dr were amazing, and Lilly was such a shining star. She just made everyone smile. Her costume was a hit, and I think our nurse took a shine to Lilly because he gave her a goodie bag stuffed full of treats, and prizes.

The dreaded testing was fine. Lilly just took deep breaths while the tiny needles poked her back. For a visit I had been dreading, we sure did have a great time. Her diagnosis was a bit unclear, but the Dr was about 75 percent sure she has asthma. The super awesome news was no allergies. We are experimenting with a treatment that will lead us into certainty which is good. On our way home I said “Lilly that was so much better that I thought it was going to be”, and ¬†she said “yeah you were worried weren’t you Mom?”. She then revealed later that the needles felt like “tiny ninja pokes”. I had no idea that it had even bothered her. She had been so calm during the test, I hadn’t fully realized she was being brave, and probably for me. We then ran home, ate a quick dinner and skipped off to U Village. We met Luke there and had such a great time together. The day was amazingly fun, and I went to bed feeling more grateful than ever for my life and the children I have.

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