Vodka. It’s not just for drinking.

I haven’t posted in months and months because I have just been slammed with work and with trying to keep my daughter healthy. I feel like this post is almost like a public service announcement, and therefor I can justify a blog post in the midst of my crazy. A few months ago my friend Jennie had recommended that I use vodka as a house cleaner because it naturally eliminates bacteria without harmful chemicals. I’ve been simmering on this idea for a while, and just last week I picked up a pamphlet from MamaCon that was talking about the harmful affects of hand sanitizers and how they can weaken the immune system. A weaker immune system was the last thing we needed so I decided to google more about vodka as a substitute. Turns out it won’t absorb into the bloodstream when sprayed on the skin because it evaporates so fast, and it eliminates bacteria. So today I set out to actually buy so super cheap 100 proof vodka, stainless spray bottles, and more label tape. I already had some tea tree oil so I added that to the mix too. In a glass measuring cup I poured 1 cup of vodka, a 1/2 teaspoon of tea tree oil then whisked them together. I poured the liquid into the bottles and we were good to go. I printed out some labels saying “sauce” because that’s what we call sanitizer in our house.  The kids and I love the smell and how soft our hands feel after we use it. In other words no sticky film or dry skin. I’m including a few links I found in prepping to write this that I thought would be helpful to include in case anyone was curious. : ), and .

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