mismatched to cozy

As the weather gets colder I find myself wanting to bundle up and stay cozy, as well as staying healthy. One way to achieve both is to make a microwaveable sock pillow filled with rice. My daughter’s acupuncturist was telling me that is is essential to our health to have our necks warm, especially in the winter. I purchased some cheap rice and then went home in search of mismatched socks, but I found something even better: baby legs. Both of my kids have outgrown their baby legs, but for some strange reason I happen to have some stray mismatched baby legs. I turned it inside out, sewed along the bottom in a straight line, then turned it right side out. From there, I grabbed the rice and filled that puppy up (not all the way up though because you want it to be stiff). Once you fill it, sew the open end up and then pop it in the microwave (approximately 1.5minutes), and voila’ instant cozy in a tube-like sock. : )

I made one for everyone in the family and we are cozy as all get out.

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