endless love


Greg and Susie have such a gift, and that gift is the way they love each other. This day marks 30 years of marriage for them. They have raised three incredible children and now have one beautiful granddaughter and an amazing new daughter in law. I have had the pleasure of knowing Greg and Susie for over ten years now and they are everything I aspire to be in my own marriage. Yes, they are truly amazing. When you are in their presence, you can feel not only that they are crazy about each other but that they have such an easy fun way of being together. I had they honor of documenting this moment for their family and my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I consider the two of them family so watching them surrounded in love and adoration was more than uplifting: it was food for my soul. They are a couple that just does that for people, they give and give. To experience a day designed to bless them was truly amazing and emotional.

How beautiful is this family?! It really doesn’t get any better.

 Almost everything you are about to see was a surprise to Greg and Susie, and created by their daughter in law and children.

 Ok this last set just kills me. I had the best time editing these photos and was smiling for days.

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