Baby Lucca

This shoot was pure heaven for me to do. I felt so creatively satisfied, joyful, and grateful for the work that I do. Charlotte and Patrick are at great ease being parents and their love for their daughter Lucca was as bright as the sun. Lucca is only 4 months old but she was babbling constantly for the last hour of our shoot which pretty much made all of us feel completely elated.

After nursing she took a brief nap before I suggested she lay on the blanket. Predictably she woke up (nice one Ashley), but a little top off with the bottle did the trick… for a few minutes. She was all smiles and rainbows when she woke up so we were thrilled she gave us another round of her cuteness.


We were all finished shooting but I couldn’t resist how cute Lucca and Patrick were, plus her belly had such a darling shape shop to it on her dads lap. (I’m also a sucker for beautiful backlight)


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