A day in the life…

Yesterday was such a mixed day: what happened in Boston, and the experience my kids had out and about adventuring. I found myself torn as I saw my kids smiling and having a great experience, and feeling incredible sadness for those who lost loved ones, and for the lives that will be changed forever due to their injuries. Two beautiful children sat before me with all the light and hope in the world, unknowing of the tragedy that took place. I wonder how long I can protect them from this version of the world that breaks my heart? Today I’m choosing celebrate the world they live in and rejoice in their innocence. I’m sharing a small slice of them today for my heart to rest in.

First stop: BOKA

We pulled into BOKA for a nice lunch, and to experience making a pizza (chef style). My kids loved every minute of this adventure and let’s be honest, BOKA is genius for coming up with this for their kid patrons.

waiting for their creations to be baked

I loved the way Finn’s ears held up is Chef hat.

These aprons are available for purchase in the gift shop! Super cute and totally legit.

Pizza Time!

I love her fingers.

Taking one last sip before heading out.

Second Stop: High 5 Pie

This was all I could capture of the tiny pie on a stick. My kids couldn’t wait for me and I don’t blame them. How does one wait for such goodness?!

Love her chef hat art! : ) (Sorry about the open mouth eating shot Lilly, that’s all I got)


Our afternoon wrapped up with a nice nap on the car ride home from Finn and Lilly talking a mile a minute about everything. I love my children so dearly and I am soaking in days like this, wanting these memories to cement in my mind. The good far outweighs the bad in this world, and I’m grateful that my children show me this every day.

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