We decided to start a new family tradition this year of lighting off paper lanterns the night before the first day of school to bless the new year and bring intention to some areas where we would all like to grow. We began to brainstorm words last week and the kids settled on these: kindness, patience, leadership (standing up for yourself and others), bravery, focus and perseverance. So with great anticipation we set out to light the lantern on the waters edge. I will give you one clue as to why this picturesque location didn’t work….

Did you spot the sailboat? So yeah, the wind plus fire was a no go. We packed up and headed to an ugly parking lot. Seemed like the only place that was less windy.

In case you were wondering, these paper lantern are not easy to light or safe in any way shape or form. It was a gong show to the highest degree.

Lilly’s best Friend came with us too and her face here says it all. SO MUCH WAITING! : ) One 2nd degree burn on my finger later we did it! This pink lantern was Finn’s. We all said his words and sent it off.

Next was Lilly’s lantern. The kids decided to follow it, even though we were yelling “don’t go under it!!!! Burning hot wax! Seriously kids!!!! Stop!”. Oye.


Lucy’s balloon was last. Her word was brave and we all cheered it on and said BRAVE! Lucy closed her eyes and said it in her heart. Such a sweet moment.

We will be doing this again next year for sure. It was worth it. Not at all what I was picturing but I almost like the way it ended up better, ugly parking lot and all.

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