Gift Guide: Kids & Moms!

If you’re reading gift guides and still using them as a resource, you really only have time to rush an online order anyways. Books are perfect for you. ; )

Books are always at the top of my list to give or to receive. It’s like giving someone an experience, a skill, an idea, or a stolen moment . . . I can’t think of anything better than that. These are just a few that I’ve enjoyed and/or gifted this year! I’d love to hear what books you recommend too!

For Kids:

My girls are in the 2-4 age range, so that’s about where these are. I don’t have boys running around here, but I think these are gender neutral favorites.

1.  Iggy Peck, Architect

My girls LOVE this book.  We now talk about architecture all the time and occasionally (often) build things with our food.

2. The Incredible Book Eating Boy

Cute story, fantastic artwork.  ( I would never recommend a children’s book without fabulous artwork – there are too many great ones out there to settle!)

3.  Every Man Heart Lay Down.

An African nativity story.  Again . . . gorgeous artwork . . . and it makes me cry.  Actually, even typing the title makes me tear up.

4. Red Sings from Tree Tops

I guess you’re tired of hearing me talk about the artwork . . . I can’t help it.  love it.  This book is poetry and is so nice to read aloud too.

For Moms (or wives, or friends . . . a couple of these might even be well received by a guy . . .wait . . . my husband just shook his head “no”).

1.  Paper + Craft : Worth it just for the adorable cover.  2. Restore, Recycle, Repurpose : Ashley and I bought each other this book for Christmas.  Not on purpose.  3.  Let’s Bring Back: Wow.  I was just about to talk about how much I love the cover.  AGAIN.  4.  Remember:  Perfect for listing ideas and dreams and projects.  I always love a gorgeous journal and this one is already so charming . . . it takes the pressure off filling it up!

1.  Run Like a Mother : Best title ever.  Quick and easy read that made me want to go for a run after every chapter.  2.  Art of the Slow Cooker : If you know me in person . . . you’re already tired of hearing how the crock pot is my favorite thing ever.  I LOVE it.  3.  Organized Simplicity: This is more of an aspirational book for me . . . but maybe you know someone who would put this into practice?  ; )  4.  The Creative Family:  The ideas about valuing creativity and infusing it into everyday family life really resonate with me.  I think it would for a lot of moms.

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Alyson Ross-Markley - December 31, 2010 - 12:01 am

I got Alexia The Incredible Book Eating Boy for Christmas!
Found another book that I LOVE. It’s called The Chicken Thief by Beatrice Rodrigus (who lives in France!)
In this wordless picture book, a fox kidnaps a hen right from under her friends noses– or so it seems! The twist is that the fox is not a villain. It’s a delicious life affirming love story that is just right for kids.

Angela - January 4, 2011 - 6:59 pm

Oh man, now I have a bunch more books to add to my Amazon wishlist!! 🙂 Good thing my birthday is coming up, heh.

S t a l k   u s   .   .   .