R is for Run.

You know those people who discover something that everyone else has known about for years and then go on and on about it like they’ve discovered the holy grail?  So annoying . . . and I think I’m one of them. . . . it’s running.  Almost exactly a year ago my friend Sarah talked me into signing up for my first 5k.  It still feels like a new habit and two years ago I would have laughed at your crazy ideas if you told me that I’d be in training for my first half marathon by my 30th birthday.

A couple of times a week I like to be in my running gear and ready to go when my husband gets home from work.  I give him a hug, wave at my kids, and run as hard as I can for twenty minutes.  My family barely notices that I’ve left, but my whole outlook on life has shifted by the time I get home.  If you don’t run, and want to try it – I did a Couch to 5k and entered THIS for my first race.  Sign up, and tell me how it goes, and maybe we can go for a run and rave about how AMAZING it is that we’ve discovered this really obscure and fantastic thing that everyone else should totally try.

Eva drew this picture and told me:  ” I forgot your arms, but I remembered your running feet.  I knew you needed those.”

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Addie - February 17, 2011 - 9:20 am

I am that annoying person too, it’s just too good not to share! I resisted running for years and now it’s something I have to do. I’m so glad you’ve discovered it too!

S t a l k   u s   .   .   .