Stiches . . .

I’ve only known how to thread a machine for a few months . . . but I’m hooked.  It probably has a lot to do with the people I sew for:


These are a few of my favorite sewing inspirations lately:

(top to bottom)

* Girl’s World: I haven’t made anything from this book yet – but I will.

* Sewing Clothes Kids Love – My favorite of the stack.  Eva’s dress and Zöe’s skirt (above) are both projects from this book.  Her directions are easy to follow and the patterns have enough flare to be exciting, but are easy enough for beginners.

*Little Girls, Big Style – This book takes a few basic pattern shapes and shows you how to mix and match them into different pieces (mixing and matching tops to skirts, etc. ). My girls are resisting the idea of the ruffled bloomer pants, but I’m determined to make them a staple.

*Small Stash Sewing – Love this one too, so many creative ideas with small amounts of fabric.  (The owls in this post are from this book!)

This one loves sitting on my lap while I work and chattering away the whole time.  She’s always excited to wear what I make, and brings plenty of “ideas” to the table.

This one likes to make sure there are snack pockets.




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Nina - April 27, 2011 - 1:49 am

Beautiful clothes and photos Angie, thanks for posting them! It’s nice to see Spring has arrived in the Northwest!

Grace Kim - April 27, 2011 - 3:51 pm

How darling! 🙂 I’ve been wanting to take up sewing myself. One of these days…

S t a l k   u s   .   .   .