My Own.

Every once in a while Ashley pushes me in front of the camera with my sweet family.  I’m so glad she does that.Ashley’s daughter, Lilly, misheard “cherry blossoms” as “fairy blossoms.”  We’ll never call them anything else.

Listening for fairies:

The one with her dad melts me.  I love those smiles so much.

Everett – I resisted moving here, and then kind of fell for the place.  I love the way it smells like saltwater, the way we wakeup to fog, the community we’ve found, and the memories we’ve made here.

Zöe in meltdown and Eva checking out a dead bird.  That is EXACTLY what our life really looks like right now.  My super emotional two year old and my four year old girl who once told me she’d rather find a class where kids play with “real human bones” than take ballet.  I love that Ashley knows us well enough to click away through tears and bones.

My best friend, and the kids who run circles around us.


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