Woodinville Lavender

Sarah, Joel and Olivia are not only my friends, but lucky for me, are my clients too. Angie and I have to fight over who gets to shoot them. I won this time. : ) In another time and space long long ago, I met a girl named Brooke. I was her young life leader back then and now we are just friends. She and her husband are expecting there first child and during their maternity session with me they told me that they work on their parents Lavender farm in Woodinville. I asked them if I would take pictures on their property and they graciously agreed. Lucky me. We had a great time last Sunday, not even the rain kept their faces from shining. Thanks to Woodinville lavender for the beautiful location.


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Sandra Coan - July 18, 2011 - 5:58 pm

wow!! beautiful!

Joey - July 18, 2011 - 10:23 pm

Woodinville! Who needs Orcas Island?

Alyson Ross-Markley - July 18, 2011 - 11:13 pm

Wonderful photo session!!!! Amazing family, amazing location.

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