The Weekly Read: Mother Goose

My three year old can not hear this book enough.  She asks for “the rhyming book” first thing in the morning and has an amazing amount of it memorized, so I hear these things all day long . . . even on days where I’ve hidden the book for a little break from the madness.  It’s getting a plug on the weekly read anyway because she loves it so, and I love her.


This little friend wakes up at 6am, starving for food, books, and snuggles.  It’s her happiest time of day, and when she manages to make it downstairs without waking her much later rising sister, it’s one of mine too.  On sunnier mornings we hide out on the front porch for our early morning date.

This week Beanie and I are recommending books too.  Eva is currently obsessed with Boxcar kids.  The first one captured her and she’s been devouring about  a  boxcar book a day between my reading to her, and the piles of these on audio cd that we get from the library.  I appreciated The Creative Family so much, and took down The Rhythm of Family in an evening.  I’m drawn to the way the projects and essays are laid out by season, and look forward to trying out several of the projects with my girls.  I know summer has barely begun here in the Northwest . . . but see that photo above?  All autumn tinged?  I’m looking forward to that too . . .  What’s on your reading list?  


Other reads . . .


* So charming

*delicious list

*NYPL digital archives . . . I could spend all day (or maybe week) here.





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