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deep roots

This family and I go back many many years. I knew Allie and Chris first as individuals in high school and then later they became the couple to beat all odds: fall in love, get married, and remain each others high school sweethearts. As I edited these photos Lilly told me that Allie is the […]

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Alex and Atticus are as sweet as it gets. I romanticize same gender siblings because it’s so foreign to me, but I’m sure it’s just as awesome as it is in my head. : ) Atticus is only 2 months old and such an expressive and strong baby! Alex was super goofy and silly when […]

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Baby Lucca

This shoot was pure heaven for me to do. I felt so creatively satisfied, joyful, and grateful for the work that I do. Charlotte and Patrick are at great ease being parents and their love for their daughter Lucca was as bright as the sun. Lucca is only 4 months old but she was babbling […]

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Isn’t she lovely

Beautiful beautiful beautiful! She is lovely, smart, creative and wonderful in every way. I feel lucky to call her my friend. I can’t wait to meet this new member of the family. These three couldn’t be any sweeter.

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Monday was a day I was dreading. I normally LOVE Halloween. I always have. It goes down as my most favorite holidays because I smile so much from looking at kids in costumes. I was feeling anxious because Lilly was going to see a specialist at NW Asthma and Allergy to try and figure out […]

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